Social Media: Facebook

We hear a lot of thoughts when it comes to social media-  especially the why and how to use it for business.  The most commonly referred to platform is Facebook- for good reason.

Have you said or thought any of these:

“Why should I use Facebook for business? I don’t even use it personally.”
“Facebook isn’t my audience.”
“I can manage my Facebook page myself, it’s not that hard.”
“I just use my personal Facebook page as my brand page”
“I can do it myself, I mean, how often do you really have to post stuff- once a week?”

Well, here are some helpful statistics to think about.

Facebook for business:
There are over 1.5 billion people on Facebook. 900 million of them on it every day. Facebook touches every age group from 18-65+


Successful Facebook for business pages post multiple posts per day, and managers spend between 4-6 hours on Facebook daily to create a positive and active presence. And this isn’t even accounting for the in-depth advertising components of Facebook.

Have you put together a detailed strategy for your social media? Do you have a dedicated employee who understands the ins and outs of what to post, when to post it and where?
No? We can help.