Neighborhood Factor

This week we attended this great conference put on by NBHD Factor, a division of DNA Info. The conference took place at Chop Shop in the trendy Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. We learned valuable information about new analytical data for marketers as it relates to branding and marketing to individuals through neighborhoods across the country.

We learned some surprising statistics, interacted with some phenomenal panelists and had great networking opportunities. The day got us thinking about ways we can use this new information to help our clients. We love days like that!

Think About This:

Individual Identity is tied up in the neighborhood a person lives in, plays in and works in. In some cities, like Chicago,  with a wide variety of neighborhoods, this sense of identity as related to a particular neighborhood means even more. As marketers we strive to identify specific target audiences for our clients brands – usually this results in a basic demographic overview with behavioral data. What applying neighborhood data does is include emotion and identity into the mix – that’s a huge step for any brand to understand and leverage.

My team looks forward to utilizing this new, cutting edge data to help propel our clients brands as the landscape of identity and individual interaction with brands continues to evolve. Learn more about Neighborhood Factor.