The Mad Hatter

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Entrepreneurs wear many hats.”  I am equally as sure that if you are running a business you have come to understand the sentiment behind this phrase very well.

Being nimble and able to make quick decisions, and jump in and roll up our sleeves to do whatever needs done to propel our businesses forward is all part of being a successful entrepreneur. And you are willing to wear whatever hat best fits the task at hand. The thing is, not every hat fits the same, so inevitably you start to wear some hats less and less and those things end up being overlooked. But the important thing to remember is: that’s ok.

Sometimes, as entrepreneurs it’s hard to admit that you aren’t able to handle everything in your business perfectly. It is ok to realize that no one looks perfect in EVERY hat.

The trick to being a successful entrepreneur is to figure out which hats best suit your skill set and hand the other hats off to professionals who can handle them.

Let’s think about this: Which hat best fits you?

Hat 1: Business Owner

Legal, operations, financial responsibilities, vision and mission

Hat 2: Sales

New business sourcing, sales tactics and materials, follow up, sales

Hat 3: Accountant

AR and AP, cash flow, P&L, payroll

Hat 4: HR

Employees, benefits, hiring

Hat 5:  IT

Infrastructure, updates, security, software

Hat 6: Client Management

Tracking, communication, fulfillment

Hat 7: Marketing

Strategies and analytics

Hat 8: Marketing

Digital media (website, social media)

Hat 9: Marketing

Branding, packaging, creative

Hat 10: Advertising

Promotions, giveaways, coupons, paid spots

Trying to wear all of these hats all the time will certainly drive you mad. So, take a moment and consider your strengths and find the hats that best fit you, then find trusted professionals to handle the others. In the end, it will free you up to do the things you enjoy doing, and saving your sanity.