10 Thoughts I Have While Trying To Be A Creative Goddess

How am I going to make sure the design/concept is going to stand out?

I’m going to scour the internet and designs trends to do the necessary preliminary research and brainstorming. If someone says they can do a logo for you in 1hr for $20, they are a lying liar and you will get clipart.

Am I good enough?

Yes, I am. I am a magical unicorn dipped in peanut butter (don’t think about it, just stay with me here). I have worked hard to get where I am. There is a reason clients chose to do business with me.

Is the client going to like it?

As long as I have collaborated with the client and really made sure I asked them the right questions, 9 times out of 10 they are going to like it. I always go through concepts with the client as well. They will appreciate the process and there is no point in keeping them in the dark.

Is my dog going to like it?

Yes, it will be the most gorgeous thing she’s ever seen and she will cry little doggy tears of happiness.

Is my cat going to like it?

No, he’s a judgmental a**hole. He just wants my scrap paper to lay on.

Does the design suit the company or business?

If I have done my research on the client and audience before I begin the preliminary work, then yes. This helps me determine the best design style from the start and saves me the tragedy of being hangry later on.

What’s that over there?

It’s usually a stray tortilla chip. And it will get eaten.

…now I want some more chips….

I need to just walk away.

This is an important step. Sometimes I get so in my head and overwhelmed with making everything perfect that I lose sight of what I am trying to accomplish. At this point I am doubting my entire existence. The best thing at this point is to get up, walk around, pet a furry friend, go for a run, eat some queso, anything to give your mind a break.

Why is the client so dead set on purple everything?

This question will never be answered. Don’t judge me. Purple is terrible. Except purple grapes. They make wine. They win at everything.