Recent Rhino Projects: New Lifestyle Brand

All of us over here at Black Rhino Marketing Group are excited that we launched a new lifestyle brand this week and we wanted to introduce you to Velocity:

We’re moving through life fast. Working, playing, traveling, surviving. And our phones help make it happen. They’re our lifelines, our unsung superheroes, our assistants.

Maybe they’ve been dropped a few times. Dented, cracked, bruised. Or maybe they’re still pristine. Either way, they deserve protection, and you deserve style. Unfortunately most cases either break on impact or turn your phone into an ugly brick.

Velocity changes the game. Good design, dependable protection and performance, plus choices that let you do you—all without breaking the bank.

I created Velocity because I’ve always loved beautiful cars that also perform beautifully, and wanted that same combination in my phone case. So take a look. I hope you’ll appreciate our attention to the whole package: price, design, performance, materials, and choice.

You want it all. Now you can have it.

Tom Myer – Founder

Check it out and learn more: