Sharing Is Caring: How Your Business Should Be Using Pinterest

Pinterest’s tag line is: “Pinterest is a place to discover ideas for all your projects and interests, hand-picked by people like you.” If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, first of all, have you been living under a rock? Just kidding. Pinterest is another popular social media platform that allows its users to pin (share) different pictures and articles to their board. Although content can be original, the majority of pins are shared pins.

Why Pinterest is Important for Your Business

So like anything in life, why should you care? Well, aside from DIY ideas and inspiration photos, Pinterest can be successfully used to help grow your business. Businesses, especially retail businesses, are using Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites, showcase new products, and show how other people are using their products.

Pinterest has an outrageously high user engagement. When people are on the site, they can’t help but share the pins. It’s addictive and people spend a lot of time on the site. Omnicore estimates that “Pinterest has 150 million registered users, with 50 billion Pins being pinned”. Because of the reach of “sharing” on Pinterest, your pins have the ability to be seen by many more people other than your direct followers.

What’s also great is that each pin has a link attached, sending people directly to a website or product. According to Omnicore, “87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest and 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy”, that’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

How to Be Successful Using Pinterest

The More the Merrier

To put it simple, your Pin Boards should be full enough to spark interest; pinners are more likely to follow a board with around 20-30 pins. This means that you must have more than 20 pins in order to make your board noticeable to the audience you’re trying to attract. When it comes to Pinterest, more is definitely better.

Share, Share, and Share

Pinterest is the site where you should be sharing anything and everything you find. There are never too many pins, so spend 20 minutes a day browsing and pinning other sources that closely match your brand voice. It is a good idea to scope out your competitors and I can assure you that they’ll likely have thousands of pins under many different boards. Don’t be afraid of your volume!

Follow The Right People

This is an obvious but important one. The people you follow become a part of your brand identity so the people you follow on Pinterest should be no different than the people you follow on Instagram and Facebook. Remember, follow those who are legitimate, without following too many.

Promote Your Pins

Pinterest is now coming around to the ads age, however, you have to join a waitlist and get approved before you can begin using promoted pins. Using promoted pins is similar to setting up a Facebook ad, however, it is much simpler and requires less specifics. You pick a pin you want to promote, select your audience, set a budget, and track the results using Pinterest analytics. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Don’t be intimidated by the “complexity” of Pinterest, It’s really not as complicated as it sounds. Not every business will be interested in using Pinterest, but if you’re determined to use it, it can be a powerful brand awareness tool!