The Importance of Startup Branding

Startups have a lot going on, there is quite a lot to figure out with regard to developing and launching a new business. From figuring out the finances, operations, hiring and more, often times new startups overlook the importance of branding and marketing. 

This is a critical mistake. Starting early during the development process is the best time to engage a marketing agency to help you establish a brand for internal and external continuity and overall success. We’ve talked a lot about how branding is more than just a pretty logo- it is actually very important to your internal operations. See what we mean here. But branding also plays a vital role in the outward success of your company.

First Things First- Establish yourself

You need to establish your brand identity. This allows you to express your core values and your mission. Establishing this not only forces you to set your business goals but it also provides owners with a sense of “making it real.” We have worked with several start up owners who have commented that they had a hard time visualizing their future company, product and success until they established their brand.

Next- Stand Out

Dedicating time at the beginning to branding and marketing will help you understand your competitors and help you find your voice in the market place. This is your chance to share your “special sauce” with the world- and how you are better than your competition, or what particular need you are filling. Without taking the time to research your competitors and creating new, different, and professional branding materials your startup will struggle to stand out.

Stick Around 

One of the things many startups do not realize is that having a strong brand identity will give your customers the perception of longevity. Having a brand that coincides with your internal operations, goals, customer service and mission will help to give your customers assurance that your company will be around for a long time. Customers seek out brands that make them feel more comfortable and giving your audience a sense of longevity equals more customers and longer term customers.

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the importance of branding and marketing early on. If you aren’t sure where to start, give us a call- we are more than happy to help!