Is It Time To Update Your Logo?

It’s a tough world out there for businesses. There is an ever-growing need to make sure your business is evolving in order to survive. But during that evolution, you might be forgetting something. Your logo.

Think about visiting a website designed a decade ago. Like that puffy vest you thought was the coolest thing around, you can now tell it’s dated. Trends change. What was once modern and chic, now looks like socks with sandals. Nobody wants that. Your logo deserves better.

This doesn’t mean that you have to do a complete change. There is a fine line between changing your logo entirely and simply breathing new life into the logo. The point is to make it look like it belongs in the modern world, while making sure your customers still feel that is represents the brand they know and love.

The question to ask yourself is: ‘Is it a matter of evolution or revolution?’

“Evolution” can be a good option when companies are trying to reach new audiences or signal a change in their business strategy. Logo changes can range from functional to cosmetic, subtle to significant, but the overall message is one of continuity. There are many brands out there who have continuously refined their logo over the years, yet, are able to keep it vital yet still immediately recognizable. Google has mastered this art.

“Revolution” may also be necessitated as a company matures. My favorite examples of this are Apple and Adidas. Both original logos where downright folksy, but it made sense for the current times. They knew when it was time for a complete revamp. And it worked well for them. Here are some other great examples of famous brands then and now.

So, take a good long look at your logo and think to yourself, “Do I want to be the puffy vest of my industry?” Please say no. You’ll thank me later.