So, What If You’re A Not-trepreneur…?

The number of blogs, books, articles and Youtube videos that exist that indicate the characteristics and traits a person should have in order to be a successful entrepreneur, is exhaustive. recently had a post titled 50 Habits That Prove You Were Born To Be An Entrepreneur.”  The article begins as follows:

“Most aspiring entrepreneurs feel it in their bones — they were born to be an entrepreneur, to the point where nothing else in life could satisfy them. They’re dissatisfied as employees, followers or consumers. They want to create, build and grow their own enterprises, and they’re filled with the passion of their own ingenuity.”

The article goes on to list what the author sees as being those 50 habits, a few of which I’ve listed below.

  • You frequently start new passion projects. Every week, a new idea is transformed into a hobby.
  • You can’t sit still. You’re always itching to come up with something, and do something great.
  • You’re always coming up with ideas. Good or bad, the flow of ideas never stops.
  • You don’t give up easily. You face tough challenges but keep going.
  • You talk to everyone you meet. Strangers aren’t intimidating to you.
  • You have a high threshold for risk. You don’t take blind risks, but you don’t stay complacent either.
  • You’re hyper competitive. You can’t even play a board game without flipping that switch.

But let me be perfectly clear here, I find no fault at all with the author’s viewpoint or the habits he indicates a person would exhibit who was born to be an entrepreneur – I don’t disagree.

I just simply have a question that is completely separate from that thinking. And my question is this: what if you desire to start a business, but you do not have many of these habits, or if they do not come to you naturally? What if you have not known since the age of 12 that you wanted to have your own business? What if you did not plan to start a business or run one, but find yourself doing exactly that due life circumstances or out of necessity? What if you have passion for your business, but that passion does not come before time with your family, with yourself…or sleep?

In short – what if you are a Not-trepreneur?

I believe not-trepreneurs abound. I’m one of them. I had never planned to start the business that I previously owned, but did so out of sheer necessity. And ended up being successful and loving it! However for me, many of Traits-Of-An-Entrepreneur boxes were left unchecked.

  • No fear of failure; not checked. I feared and experienced failure several times in my business. But instead of trying not to have a fear of failure, I accepted that both failure and the fear of it would be a part of my experience. And that if I was honest with myself and who I truly am, that fearing failure was completely natural. Where it really was going to matter was going to be in my ability to dig deep, stand up to it and overcome it. That’s what not-trepreneurs do.
  • Unrelenting passion for my business; unchecked. Again, let me be perfectly clear here. I was extremely passionate about my business but not to the extent, in the total scheme of things, that I would place it above the things that I treasure most – my wife, our 3 kids, and spending time with all of them…and getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night!

I did not wake up each morning raring to go, completely stoked by the potentials that day would bring. Some mornings I dreaded being a business owner. I didn’t want to “try calling that guy again.” I didn’t feel like opening email and learning that the meeting I had finally nailed for the 3rd time “would have to be rescheduled again for 2 weeks”. And there were some mornings I was not at all excited about the prospect of driving nearly an hour to yet another networking event, eating a dry bagel and “telling people about my business.” I but I did all of these things repeatedly, and I did them very well.

You see, again, this is what not-trepreneurs do. They have the ability to continuously dig down deep inside and pull amazing things out of themselves. Things that come more easily and naturally for born entrepreneurs. But because not-trepreneurs have this unique ability (unique strength actually) to successfully do that which does not come naturally, they are just as likely to be successful in owning and running amazing transformative businesses as anyone. And at The Black Rhino Marketing Group, we  are happy help those businesses grow.

So whether you are an Entrepreneur or a Not-trepreneur, we would love to speak with you to learn more about you, your business and your business goals, and discuss the myriad ways we can help you achieve them. So shoot us an email or gives us a call.