4 Tips to Use LinkedIn Successfully

I’ve found myself being very active on LinkedIn lately and that got me to thinking…how can LinkedIn really benefit my career?

Not that social media outlets benefit me in any way (other than giving me the satisfaction of being nosey and snooping into people’s lives), LinkedIn has a reputation of being the “it” social media for networking and potentially finding a new career, so for a 23-year-old like me, yea I would say that’s important. Other than the basic network building, professional profile picture and job search, I wanted to figure out other ways I could fully benefit from LinkedIn.

So, like what usually happens when I have a daunting question, I turned to my good friend, Google. Browsing through dozens of articles, I came up with my version of 4 tips that one could use to fully benefit from the LinkedIn experience:

Use your profile to showcase everything that doesn’t fit on your resume

As we might have all learned when we first started applying to jobs, keeping our resumes neat and straight to the point is the goal. Well my friends, let your fingers do all the typing they desire because LinkedIn is the perfect place to jot down every summer job, volunteer opportunity and skill set that you might have. I mean c’mon, they even changed their algorithm to fit up to 1,000 characters per section, fill that sucker up.

Snooping is key (also my favorite thing to do)

Once you’ve got a valuable network, snooping is the best way to use LinkedIn, but only after you’ve forged good connections. For example, lets say you’re interested in a job posting, you can use LinkedIn to find former employees who could potentially give you real insight on the company or position. 

Take advantage of the blog on your profile

Did you know you can write blogs to your LinkedIn account?! I say this because not many people know about it, and if they do, they shy away. Well, I am living proof that writing a blog shouldn’t intimidate you…you’d be surprised with the content that your brain can come up with. Your blogs can be about anything you enjoy or find interesting (obviously not something inappropriate) and they’re an awesome way to showcase your thoughts, ideas and writing skills! 

Stay active!

I can’t stress this enough. Even if you are at a good place and are happy in your career (if you are, congrats), it is important to stay active on the LinkedIn radar. Share posts, comment on articles, update your profile, etc. because you never know when you might need someone in your network!

So as you can see, my epiphany with LinkedIn was great. I figured, if I’m going to spend a lot of time editing my work experience and picking a profile picture that captures my professionalism but doesn’t make me look like a robot, I could also use my time making the most out of this business community. I hope you learned a thing or two and take my [awesome] tips into consideration next time you’re logged in.