Content Marketing Trends in 2018

Content Marketing is the creation and sharing of online material (typically through social media) and is intended to get your target audience’s interest in your specific product or service. It is constantly evolving and just as it has in previous years, it is expected to remain a key strategy to increase brand awareness and acquire new customers in every kind of business. Compared to 2016, more businesses in 2017 have had their success with content marketing and 2018 will be no different. Sounds important, huh?

Allow me to let you in on a little secret: The key to continued success in this effort is the ability to anticipate upcoming trends and embrace change as quickly as possible. BOOM. The purpose of this blog.

Here are 4 trends that will shape content marketing in 2018 and that will [hopefully] help you and your business out in the new year.

Content production

Although obvious, consistent and original content is KEY for all types of business’s looking to execute a content marketing campaign. In 2018, brands can be expected to spend more budget dollars for content marketing, making it more competitive with other types of marketing.

Content marketing has always been known to be a small business’s best method for acquiring customers (since it didn’t require a huge budget) however, now big brands such as Apple, Facebook and Google are also investing significant dollars in original content. So it’s safe to say that if the big guys are doing, you should be too!

Video marketing

To keep it short and sweet: video is the future of content marketing. Cisco estimates that video will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. Go ahead, do a double take if you need but you read that right. Additionally, if that last fact wasn’t scary enough, 64% of marketers agree that video will soon dominate their content marketing strategies.

By incorporating video and live-streaming into your sales process, you provide your customers a self-serve, on-demand user experience all while being transparent. This way, you give them information at the right time without having to make salespeople always available and allow your customers to get to know more about your authentic brand.

Content personalization 

Personalized anything is always better. Of course, content personalization is a challenging task that requires a long-term, involved effort from your content team but trust me, it’s so worth it!

Gartner reported that brands that have invested in different sorts of personalization by 2018 will outsell those that haven’t by 20 freakin’ percent! So yeah, you should get to that creative thinking ASAP.

User-generated content 

User-generated content on social media works as credibility simply because users tend to trust and follow the actions and choices of other users. As a matter of fact, people trust content made by others more than they trust the brands’ own content (shocker).

More and more brands are investing in user-generated campaigns that encourage their loyal customers to become brand advocates and share their positive experience with friends on social media. By doing this, you could build a positive perception among your potential audience members and build your authority overall. So go forth and create those hashtags!

Like any form of marketing, content marketing will change over time. But because the New Year is coming, we figured we’d sprinkle on some trends that will help your marketing succeed in 2018.