Results Or Outcomes

You may have noticed that in healthcare more recently, there has been a greater focus on “patient outcomes” as a success measurement to be considered. Patient outcomes differ from medical results. While medical results focus on the clinical success of an operation, medical procedure, or prescribed course of care at a specific point in time, patient outcomes focus on the actual state-of-being that the patient experiences and enjoys going forward after receiving such treatment or undergoing a certain medical procedure.

Another factor driving the move from producing medical results to producing better patient outcomes in healthcare is the idea of sustainability and/or permanency. While results are focused on the measurable differences (hopefully improvements) at a single point in time as compared to that same metric at a prior point in time, outcomes tend to focus on the changed state of something and how better off that something is going forward with some degree of sustainability or permanency.

So while a surgical operation can produce a positive result – the surgery was successful, it’s possible that the patient outcome may show itself to be not quite as positive. I’m sure we can all imagine an instance where someone could say “The procedure went really really well and Tom is doing great” only to hear at some point later, “…yeah, looks like Tom might have to go back in, he’s starting to have some of that same pain again.” Positive medical result: Tom’s surgery was successful. Not quite as positive a patient outcome: Tom’s changed-state (his alleviated pain) wasn’t sustained.

In marketing the focus tends to be on results – what were the results of the campaign?, how many new leads did we get?, wow we increased sales X%. These are just a few of the common things that are typically heard in marketing meetings that focus on comparing a specific metric at a specific point in time to the same metric at a previous point in time. And they are all incredibly valid, extremely meaningful, and very important things to note.

But what if as marketers, we shifted our focus from producing marketing results to producing better client outcomes? What if we didn’t view the campaign (and its results) as a single measurable event at a single moment in time, but instead saw that “result” as something that simply establishes a new baseline for our clients? In this scenario any increase in sales, while important, would more importantly also become the new sales threshold not to fall below. Having the new sales floor being the newly increased sales number, puts the client in a changed-state and in a better state-of-being. This type of thinking is rooted in being focused on producing better client outcomes – putting clients in a better state on a permanent or sustainable basis vs. simply producing marketing results.

At the Black Rhino Marketing Group our focus is on producing better clients outcomes. For us generating a customer increase for our clients through the marketing efforts we develop would simply be a producing marketing result. And that simply isn’t good enough. Producing better client outcomes means that it’s not just about increasing new customers for our clients, but instead it’s about increasing those numbers with the right kinds of customers, those that are enjoyable as well as profitable to work with, that pay in a timely fashion, and those that will have longevity long term. These are the types of things that put our clients in a better changed-state going forward. These are client outcomes!

If your company’s marketing is producing successful marketing results, we commend that. But if you want your marketing to produce better outcomes for your company, you need to speak with us. Today!