Books We’re Reading

Get to know BRMG’s team a little better by exploring our minds. Here is a list of books we are currently reading, have read, or simply just love!

Dane’s Bookshelf 


The Hard Things About Hard Things: Building a business when there are no easy answers

By: Ben Horowitz

“Building a business is hard. All the success stories make it seem simple, this book tells you the stuff that ain’t pretty”





Lead and Disrupt: How to solve the innovator’s dilemma

By: Charles A. O’Reilly and Michael L. Tushman

“The tough thing about innovation is how to take it form an idea and actually put some legs on it and put it to action. This book talks about how to do that.”





The New Jim Crow: Mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness

By: Michelle Alexander





Andrea’s Library 


Mad Love

By: Andre Breton

“My first venture at discovering more about surrealist literature. I’ve always been inspired by surrealist artists – their representation of the world is both fascinating and beautiful.”





McSweeney’s Issue 51: A collection of short stories from contemporary authors

“I love all things from McSweeney’s Publishing. I regularly read the new stuff they publish online as well. Witty and fun.”  






The Beginners Guide to Insight Meditation

By: Arinna Weisman and Jean Smith

“Great way to reacquaint myself with the basics of meditation and mindfulness.”






The Woman in the Window

By: AJ Finn

“It’s a great short read id you liked The Girl on the Train and enjoy references to Alfred Hitchcock both overtly and as subtext”




Soulmaz’s Bookshelf


Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy

By: Sheryl Sandberg

“When my father passed away in Summer of 2016, I couldn’t even got to Iran for his funeral. My friend gave me a book titled Option B. I still feel blue most of the time but this book helped me stand on my feet and pursue my dreams and enjoy my life even is I felt blue.”



Liz’s Bookshelf


Sin Miedo: Lecciones de rebeldes (Take a stand: Lessons from rebels)

By: Jorge Ramos

“Growing up, Jorge Ramos was a name very well known in my community. In this book, he gives insight and writes about his past interviews with “rebels” in our current era. These stories and first-hand interviews are fascinating to say the least.”




Milk and Honey

By: Rupi Kaur

“I just started getting into poetry and this book was the perfect introduction. If you want something short & sweet, but with a lot of powerful emotion behind it, this one is for you.”




Laurie’s Library




The Pillars of the Earth

By: Ken Follett

“This is a fascinating, robust work of historical fiction that provides an intricate case of life in the 12th century, along with the role of the church, the craftsmanship and advancements in cathedral styles and architecture, and the building of one in particular.”




Returning to Earth 

By: Jim Harrison

“His voice is simultaneously simple yet complex, sparse yet rich, earthy yet spiritual.”






By: Jim Harrison

“Dalva is set in the country encompassing the touching corners of Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska, so given the fact that I grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, it was jarringly exciting every time a place that I knew was mentioned. If you’ve not yet discovered Harrison and enjoy beautiful writing and storytelling, he’s a must-read. The follow-up to Dalva The Road Home is up next for me and I can’t wait.”




By: Amy Cuddy

“Invaluable insights, no matter your age, sex, profession (or not).  If you engage with people in any way, read this. Here’s how Amy Cuddy tries to simply encapsulate the concept of presence:

“Presence….is the state of being attuned to and able to comfortably express our true thoughts, feelings, values and potential. That’s it.  It is NOT a permanent, transcendent mode of being.  It comes and goes.  It is a moment-to-moment phenomenon.”

It’s also about being attuned to other people. Sounds straightforward, yet it’s so difficult for most of us—because our busy, self-involved minds get in the way.  But the moments you can achieve it are life changing.”


Rebecca’s Bookshelf



The Woman Who Smashed Codes 

By: Jason Fagone

“Fascinating, true story about Elizebeth Friedman, who was a pioneer in code breaking. What began as a fascination with the early publications of William Shakespeare, led to her being hired by an eccentric, wealthy inventor who was convinced that secret messages were embedded by a ghost writer in all the writing attributed to Shakespeare. Really engaging story, well written, all around fascinating, interesting and entertaining.”



Mrs. Lincoln & Mrs. Keckly

By: Jennifer Fleischner

“I tend to gravitate toward historical biographies that explore little known stories or aspects of historical figures. This book certainly met that criteria. An in depth exploration of the decades long, very close friendship between Mary Lincoln, Southern belle, First Lady, wife of Abraham Lincoln and Elizabeth Keckly, a former slave who bought her own freedom and established herself as a respected dressmaker for Washington’s elite. This book examines the ironic similarities and extremely divergent experiences of their youth, what drew them together, how each used and needed the other, and the intricacies of this unusual friendship against the backdrop of all the tensions leading up to and following the civil war.”



The Grape Cure

By: Johanna Brandt

“The premise? You can be cured or prevent virtually any illness, condition, even cancer, without conventional medical treatment. Just eat grapes. And not much else. One might think I found a first edition of this “rare” publication. You’d be wrong. This book enjoyed 22 editions between 1928–1959. Grapes. Who knew? (Mrs. Johanna Brandt apparently knew!)”