The Power of Video

Be honest, how many times do you click on that little arrow when you see a video on a website, Facebook, in an email or an online news article?

If you’re consistent with current trends, you’re doing it quite a bit (and likely more and more every year). And it really doesn’t matter whether you’re on your desktop, laptop or smart device. Indeed, the preponderance of evidence is pretty darn conclusive that if you’re not adding video content to your website or social media, you’re behind the times and missing out on the huge benefits of video content.

Take a look at some of the startling statistics:

But remember this critical caveat:

64% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a product or company that publishes a poor quality video. So make it a good video! That means: content that is relevant and interesting to your customer, executed in a level of quality to match your company’s brand image. Please do not do a video just to do a video! Get some professional guidance. And of course, we’d be happy to provide that professional guidance.