Binge-Worthy TV Shows

We love television. So much, that we decided to dedicate a whole blog on our favorite, binge-worthy t.v. shows.

Just to make it clear, these aren’t the only shows we watch nor the only ones that are objectively binge-worthy, but from a huge team collaborative list of about 40, we decided to form our own BRMG version of a master list of shows we believe are worth having your eyes glued to the screen. Oh, and FYI, most of these you can find on Netflix (you’re welcome).

So in hopes that you get sucked in to one of these [awesome] series, here is our personalized master list of binge-worthy shows (in no particular order):

And because our team is so diverse, we thought we’d also give an honorary mention and recommendation to each team member’s favorite show:

Andrea – The Killing

“For those who enjoy puzzles and character development, The Killing offers a compelling story of two homicide detectives who work together to solve crimes, but also to find their true selves, flaws and all.”

Liz – New Girl

“New Girl is the perfect mix of quirkiness and hilarious-ness. I was hooked from the start and honestly fell in love with all of the characters (sadly I can’t pick a favorite because they’re all soooo good). The show is very well written and after re-watching the entire series almost 3 times, you can say I’m obsessed. If you like to laugh, this show is for you!”

Soulmaz – The Young Pope

Ironic and unique story! Great music! Fantastic images + very smart comedy! And if that wasn’t enough, Jude Law plays the young pope. What other reasons do you need to watch it? ?”

Laurie – Homeland

An intelligent, complex and insightful series that takes place in the counter-terrorism era following 9/11 with a brilliant bipolar CIA officer, Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes, and her wise mentor, Saul Berenson played by Mandy Patinkin. Fascinating inside stories about stuff we heard about in the news in the Middle East (and continue to do so).”

Dane – Leave It To Beaver

“Good, clean, family entertainment. I just like it.”

Rebecca – Gotham 

“Quality viewing. Start from the beginning. Impeccable casting & acting (with one glaring & unfortunate exception)”

So, next time you find yourself bored at home with nothing to do and hours and hours to spare (or let’s be honest, just want to binge a show), we suggest you pick up your remote, grab a blanket & snack, and blissfully enjoy season after season of BRMG approved binge-worthy shows.