How To Be Seen In The Mess

Our eyes and ears are filled with pictures, colors, lights, songs, and slogans! Subway turnstiles bear messages from Geico auto insurance, Chinese food cartons promote Continental Airways and US Airways is selling ads on motion sickness bags. There are TV’s in cabs, lobbies and hospitals as well as ads on socials media that are based on your interests and needs (which let’s be honest, is scary!). For instance, just the other day I was thinking about buying something, and the next day when I opened Facebook there was a small ad on the right side of the page giving me an option to buy what I was thinking about! It was like a scary movie!
Now, imagine yourself as a business owner wanting to sell your product or services in this mess. What makes you stand out? Think about it. You’re walking down an aisle in a supermarket looking for your favorite coffee; there are hundreds of other brands there, what makes you change your mind and try a new brand? A brand your friend suggested? The one you’ve just seen the ad on your way home? The package? It could be one or all of these!
Packaging design is the silent salesman that will grab busy consumers’ attention in-store. It informs consumers about the product’s properties and visually differentiates the brand from the competition on the shelf. There is a lot competition to promote and sell products or services online, so to put it quite frank, you need professional market research and advertising.
Advertising is a powerful tool to create and shape a brand universe as it is very visual in which it tells a story about the product/company. As John McNeil states, “If you do it the right way, you actually win points”. This is why your cousin who knows Photoshop is not enough to help your business succeed (sorry not sorry).
There are lots of questions you need to ask yourself and find answers to even before you run your business…
– Who is my audience?
– What is the age range?
– What are their needs?
– Who are my competitors?
– What is missing?
– What do they do to promote themselves?
– What are the colors, symbols, shapes, and languages they use?
Each of these requires professional research. Behind every successful company is a group of analysts who interact with the business stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand their problems and needs, along with the creative group who visualize and bring everything together.
Black Rhino Marketing Group is capable of delivering the right strategy, effective marketing campaigns, and definitive results. We will help your company grow your revenues and develop a plan for success!