Apps We’re Obsessed With

Ahh, the era of smart phones, and what’s a phone without its apps?

Here are the apps we are currently using and are slightly obsessed with…


  • Facebook: “Because I need to see how our business pages are going, plus check in with my personal friends and family”
  • News: “Despite the fact that much of it is depressing, I do read the news fairly regularly”
  • Fitbit: “Trying to trick myself into believing I’m going to be more active – I’ll start this spring!”
  • Spotify: “Tunes and podcasts- I probably use this one the most”
  • Credit Karma: “I’m crazy about checking my credit and monitoring my payment history”


  • Snapchat: “Yes, I am a millennial. Yes, I like taking selfies. Yes, I use Snapchat.”
  • Gmail: “My inbox is my life. I am constantly checking my email throughout the day”
  • Apple Music/Pandora: “My long commute calls for car jam sessions. I love music and these two apps are everything”
  • Youtube: “Feeding into my HGTV obsession, I love sitting down and spending hours watching DIY videos that I know I won’t ever actually do (hey, I can always dream)”
  • MoviePass: “Every movie lovers dream. Trust me, you need the MoviePass in your life”


  • Group Me: “This is an awesome app that my widely-spread-out large family uses to keep in touch on a daily basis. It’s basically glorified text messaging, but all in one place with a clean conversation thread that’s easy to follow, with photos, videos, links and whatever else you want to add. Much cleaner and less annoying than a ton of texts loading up your phone that you lose track of. And it keeps the entire thread FOREVER so you can go back and find things.”
  • Bitmoji: “Ok it seems silly but I actually do use it! The secret is to create a fun avatar of yourself (you usually find yourself laughing pretty hard when you’re creating it); then pick surprising ones to send out—i.e. not your typical ones. There are hundreds of Bitmoji messages for every conceivable greeting, occasion, situation, emotion, time of day etc etc. If you’re clever, its not a “groooaan” to the recipient.”
  • Parkwhiz: “Find parking in the city close to your destination well before you drive down and pay for it in advance…usually a little cheaper than normal.”
  • Dictionary: “I love words.  What else can I say? Like…do you know what a schwa is?? Get the Dictionary app and find out!”


  • FaceTime: “To talk to my mom”
  • Instagram: “Honestly, to waste my time”
  • Youtube: “To watch Persian movies and random stuff”
  • Soundcloud/RadioJavan: “To listen to Persian music and podcasts”
  • Waze & GoogleMaps: “To find my destination. I’d literally be lost without them”


  • Duolingo: “Ahora, mi español es mas major que antes. Y el pequeño búho esta lindo.”
  • “Window shopping for a new house for our family. I like the best because it posts the most photos and is easy to navigate and customize your search.”
  • CreditKarma: “So that window shopping can turn into actual shopping for a house! Check your credit as often as you like. For free and without dinging your score.”


Very simple guy with a very simple phone.

  • Phone
  • Map
  • Weather
  • Calculator

What are some of your favorite apps?