NEWS FLASH: A Company’s “Employees” Are Not Its Greatest Asset

We’ve all heard the phrase, “ A company’s employees are it’s greatest asset.”

But while this is well-intentioned, suggesting that out of all the many and varied assets that a business possesses, it’s employees are its most important and its most valuable asset. Its greatest asset. But if you you think about it somewhat differently, it’s not really all that true.

Assets are owned, people are not. People make contributions, assets do not. Expertise. Ideas. Tenacity. Creativity. Sometimes even sweat and physical muscle. These are the types of contributions that the “People” in a company continually make, that “assets” do not. The companies that receive the greatest contributions from their people, typically have people who are not just highly-skilled, but who are also highly-engaged. But a highly skilled & engaged employee base doesn’t just happen, it results from having a focused strategy designed to motivate employees to continuously improve their skills, and hone their talents and areas of expertise. A strategy that also encourages and supports employees to learn new skills and develop knowledge, competency, and even expertise in areas that fall outside their specific areas, and provides the tools that enable them to do it.

A highly-engaged employee base results from having a strategy that attracts top talent and inspires them to stay with the business long-term. This can be done successfully, at Black Rhino Marketing Group we’ve seen it happen. But to do this successfully, a company needs to, in the words of Steve Jobs, “think differently”. For example, they will need to stop thinking of their employees as the businesses’ greatest assets, and start thinking of them as their businesses’ greatest contributors to its success. For many businesses this could mean a paradigm shift in how the company thinks from the Leadership on down. But again it can be done.

At Black Rhino Marketing Group we know that “marketing” is not just a function that exists externally, going from the company to an outside audience. Oftentimes, and sometimes even more importantly, marketing needs to be an internal function, going from the company to an inside audience – the people inside the company itself.

After all, according to the American Marketing Association, the definition of marketing is as follows:

“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

Using this definition, an “offering” can of course be a product, service or solution, but it can certainly be an idea or a philosophy as well. And of course the “customers, clients and partners” can certainly be the employees of the company. But at the crux, a successful shift in company thinking as it relates to its employees and how to ensure their engagement, will take an internal marketing effort to ensure that company-wide buy-in, support, and adoption is achieved. At Black Rhino Marketing Group, the external marketing strategies we help companies develop, we also work with clients to help them develop internally-focused marketing strategies and campaigns. We would love to talk with you about how to successfully develop a strategy and campaign to increase employee engagement within your organization. Give us a call!