3 Reasons E-Newsletters Work—and 7 Ways to Make Them Work Better

Newsletters are a great way to deliver news about your business. They are a quick, fun way to get effective results and when done correctly, can have more of an impact than social media.

Nothing against social media, after all I’m a huge social media fan, it’s just sometimes, newsletters are better.

Why you may ask? Well…

1. | You get more attention

Email gets more attention than a post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter. Especially now, considering how Facebook has made changes on people-to-people interaction, it’s likely that your posts have dropped dramatically on someone’s newsfeed. Now you have to use promoted posts to have any meaningful reach.

In an email, people are more likely to see your content (since it’s not lost in the thousands of tweets).

2. | You can get personal

An email is by far more personal than a post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter. Depending on what newsletter automation system you use, you can personalize messages in an email a lot more easily than on social media channels where personal customization is not allowed.

Think about it, when you see a post from a brand on your newsfeed, don’t you feel like you’re just watching an ad? You simply can’t be personal without talking to everyone in more general terms or individually reach out to each person, but who has time for that? Put in some effort and you can make the emails you send out feel personal and thoughtful!

3. | You have full control

Again, depending on the newsletter automation system that you use, you will have full control over the content and design of your email. Whether you are segmenting contacts, choosing specific images or colors, or simply re-arranging your copy, email tends to be technically more versatile. You also have the ability to put more information in an email without making the user experience too painful. On social media, you are [unfortunately] stuck with the limited capabilities of the specific platform you are using.

So you see, sometimes newsletters are better. Here are some quick tips to implement on your newsletters that can help you out!

1 | Let your personality shine

2 | Have a good opener

| Be consistent

4 | Be exclusive/informative

5 | Offer value

6 | Personalize it

7 | Respond to everyone who responds

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