7 NEVERS for Successful Endeavors

MAY 4, 2018

1 | Never Neglect This Customer

Everybody knows the customer is #1 on the Make Happy List. One way, especially early on, to provide quality customer service is by establishing unique relationships with individual customers. For example, a handwritten letter simply stating “YOU ROCK, JANET” will instantly turn Janet into a returning customer. Maybe Bobby got an “exclusive” deal for being such a valued customer. There’s a difference between saying, “I love everyone” and “I love you, specifically”. Look, we’re all selfish.

2 | Never Doubt Your Instincts

Trust your gut every time. It is an invaluable decision-making tool. And as an added bonus, you’ll never have to worry about hindsight! “Welp, I’ll know what to do next time,” is better than “Damn, I knew that wasn’t gonna work”.

3 | Never Think Inside the Box

To quote Brad Pitt’s character from Seven, “What’s in the box?” The answer is; everything that has been done before. When it comes to marketing, I’d argue that there is more to offer by strategizing outside of conventional thinking. In these current times, there really is no right or wrong way to success. That’s why I suggest trying the unconventional. Make a product placement deal with a Netflix show. Autograph every 25th product just because. Start an ad campaign that chronicles the adventures of a puppy and a piglet. Use the box for deposit rather than withdrawal.

4 | Never Stop Posting

It’s 2018. If you don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Tumblr, for good measure, then your business is probably more of a secret. Having an internet presence is basically the standard for any company, person, or thing. Understandably, social media can be an overwhelming task. If you find yourself struggling with social media, seek help from millennials! Hire college kids to be your interns (paid handsomely in college credit). Make sure they know how to make memes.

5 | Never Let Your Nephew Replace Your Best Dude

This one rhymes so it’s definitely true. A good employee is hard to come by. Conversely, a bad employee is a dime a dozen. It is important to notice the difference as soon as possible. A lot of managers go easy on the slackers and overwork the good employees because their work ethic has set different expectations. Reward good behavior. Remember poor behavior. A bad apple makes a bad pie.

6 | Never Fail

We’ve talked previously about our relationship with failure. Failure can cripple our momentum in a moment’s notice. The fear of it alone prevents startups. Now, while atychiphobia (that’s actually what it’s called) isn’t necessarily always a bad thing, dreading a loss is the wrong way of approaching it. The truth is, you need to fail. You can’t spell FAILURE without FUEL. Catapults require setbacks.  Pull back and reflect. Use the knowledge you gained to adjust your trajectory. Then, launch back in there!

7 | Never Stagnate

What does a successful business and a human ear have in common? They both listen and grow perpetually. Wow, I really can’t stress how critical this is. There is always more to learn. There is always room to grow. Obviously. Don’t forget, your number one confidant and competitor, above all, is YOU. So do yourself a favor: pay attention to your environment and innovate constantly. Run your business like it’s your business.