Video Marketing 101

MAY 11, 2018

Why you should implement video advertisements into your marketing strategy

In this current day and age, the most impressionable advertising comes from video marketing. We as consumers love to watch videos. It goes without saying that online streaming, whether it’s YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or what-have-you, has become a central staple in how we live our lives. YouTube recently revealed it’s viewing figures, showing that approximately one billion hours are spent streaming videos daily. You know how much a billion is. That’s roughly 17,500 hours of people around the world watching cat videos every MINUTE. That almost doesn’t make sense.

But we do more than watch these videos. We love sharing them too (arguably just as much). We share the videos that use laughter, emotion, or intrigue to distract us from life. And that is the key to successful viral video marketing. Generating click-worthy content that your audience enjoys and shares with friends. In other words, the video allows customers to advertise for you.

“Okay, I’m interested. But what exactly am I supposed to put in this video?” you say, taking an inquisitive sip of coffee.

Great question. First things first, you’re going to want a short and sweet concept. The shorter and sweeter, the better. I can’t stress the shorter part enough. It may be hard to believe, but you leave a better impact with a 30 second hook than a 3 minute short film. Our attention span decreases by the day, so it is important to get your message across as quickly and effectively as possible.

The concept itself, needs to always focus on story over sale. There are a lot of commercials that get skipped or ignored simply because they aren’t appealing to the customer’s interests. No one likes to watch commercials that only try to sell you a product.  The commercials that stick, don’t concern themselves with selling. A memorable story is a memorable sale.

Once you’re ready to post the video, the next thing you want to do is tag the crap out of it. Anything that even slightly relates to your content is fair game. You really can’t have too many tags. Don’t limit your customers’ ability to discover your content. Descriptions are important too. Having a unique, eyebrow raising title alone garners a click or two.

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