Ads That Catch Our Eye

JUNE 12, 2018

Though most of us try to avoid commercials at all costs, there are some out there that demand attention and are hard to forget. Here are a few ads that caught our eye:

1 | Iphone 8 Red – Apple

Apple has had a long standing reputation for creating eye catching, and music oriented ads that showcase their products. At some point or another, everyone has definitely noticed an iphone ad for some reason. In this case, I was caught slightly off guard, as I noticed the music the movement and imagery, but wasn’t immediately aware of it being an apple ad. For a moment I thought “wow, someone else has made an ad that rivals iphone” but of course, then I realized what I was watching was in fact an iphone ad. The music, movement and imagery give the audience as sense of sexiness, of desire and intrigue. And, it works for the iphone. Well done. As always.

2 | #putashirton – Fruit of the Loom

This is just funny- pure and simple. Fruit of the Loom has made itself relevant to the current culture of selfies and Instagram by calling out the shirtless selfie- and it’s brilliant. This ad is both engaging, and sarcastic which, I admit, is a perfect combo for me to like something. It even encourages the viewer to use the hashtag, and suggests that they themselves are doing so as well- thus increasing their Instagram engagement through real actions. Simply brilliant.

3 | Our Blades Are F***ing Great –

Another funny one that may be old but still sticks in my mind as one of the most memorable ads. This video prompted 12,000 orders in a two-day span after it’s release in 2012, and has generated over 25 million views as of June 2018. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

4 | Rocket Mortgage – Quicken Loans

Love this series of commercials by rocket mortgage. Really entertaining. The only thing is…when I went search for them on YouTube I first searched “quicken loan commercial”–uh oh!! I think they’re going to need to do something to reinforce the name “rocket mortgage”

5 | Facebook Here Together – Facebook

I was actually touched by the recent Facebook ad: it rings true and is certainly why I started using it (and continue to) in my non-obsessed-once-or-twice-week way. Love the change of pacing it uses too. And the choice of narrators voice: he is “a good guy”.

6 | At Last – Heinz Ketchup

I love it when a really good commercial does not need to have a really big budget. Picture a bottle of Heinz Ketchup against a white background. The bottle begins to tip into a pouring position. Cue two of the most recognizable musical notes ever. Etta James singing, “At llaaaasssttt….” Except that this time, the second note holds on an impossibly long time, “At lllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssstttt….” because Heinz Ketchup is SO rich & thick, it takes that long to come out of the bottle. Simple. Effective. Nice!