Basements and Advertising: Less is More

JUNE 8, 2018

I’ve been going through my basement for weeks. Clearing out, organizing, deciding what is garbage…give away…save. It is an overwhelming deer-in-the-headlights process. Hard at times to know where to begin, what to do next, will it ever end? The temptation is to quietly tip-toe backwards out of the basement, up the stairs, softly close the door and carry on with an innocent expression of “what basement?”

It occurs to me that a cluttered basement can have the same impact on a viewer as cluttered advertising. There may be really cool stuff in the basement or really cool information in the ad, but if every possible nugget of information is crammed into the ad, the viewer will tip-toe away like the aforementioned basement-retreat.

When you stuff too much into an add, it becomes visually and informationally congested and hard to take in. Your viewer is likely to glaze over and move on to something that is more succinct in look and content.

The goal for most advertising should not be to educate the viewer on everything there is to know about a business/product/service, but rather, to compel them to take that next critical step: pick up the phone, look up the website, read a review. That is accomplished by making the advertisement clear and compelling enough to cause enough intrigue to explore further.

We want the viewer to think, “Wow! That’s a really cool rocking horse… There must be other AMAZING things in that basement! I want to explore further!”

Less is always more when it comes to advertising. Inspire your viewer to explore further. Not do the backward shuffle away from an over-cluttered advertisement.