It’s Just Domino’s

AUGUST 17, 2018

Sometimes I watch television (ok, “sometimes” in this instance is more like “all the time”) and I catch several commercials- intentionally. On occasion, I notice commercials and ads by companies and wonder if there is something else going on behind the scenes that they are trying to fix- and trying to fix it through advertising. In one such case, recently, I can’t shake the idea that something is wrong with Domino’s Pizza’s advertising campaigns. Let me explain.

I have nothing against the pizza franchise’s choice of ad agency, CP+B is one of the best, and they have created several ads I’ve loved or wished I had created. But, something stands out in the work they are doing for Domino’s- it’s almost as though they are trying too hard. This isn’t a knock against the agency, as I expect they are doing everything they can within their power to create engaging, PR pushing ads, which is technically working- since here I am writing about it. It’s more of a sense that something inside Domino’s is amiss and they are trying to fix it through advertising. There are several “red flags” as far as I can see- but remember, I’m only looking at this from the outside, only seeing the ads placed in front of me. I do not claim to know anything about the inner workings of the business.

Red flag #1: They changed their name- from Domino’s Pizza to just Domino’s and they updated their signs.

Image result

Red flag #2: The new (IMHO awful) tagline: Oh,yes we did. Oh yes we did what? It’s not clear, and when it’s presented at the end of the commercials, it’s confusing.

Red flag #3: Ad campaign for Hot spots aka running with scissors

Red flag #4: Paving for Pizza- now they are fixing potholes

None of these red flags are particularly concerning individually, but when you add them all up, it makes one wonder what is going on with the Domino’s business. Generally companies change their names for a few reasons, one such reason could be simply refreshing the brand, which is how Domino’s expressed the change reason, but it seems that perhaps they are trying to appeal to the audience who is being lured in by other pizza franchise competitors. The new tagline is meant to express that not only have the refreshed their brand but that they are now serving more items than just pizza. And, now they have added new “locations”, and an attempt to engage their audience through paving potholes. When a company is in trouble, these are the tell tale signs- they refresh their brand, they add new products/services, they try to show their reach (ie: new “locations”) and they try to get their audience to engage them more.

Domino’s commercials have done all 4 of these things in short order begging the question- has the pizza giant lost market share or are they simply trying VERY hard to hold on to the number 1 spot? Maybe they are just playing with several ad options, trying to recapture the advertising success they had once upon a time with the “30 minutes or free” campaign. Who knows? All I can say is that these commercials may not be terrible, but they aren’t necessarily a good sign either- and maybe the executives of Domino’s should take that into consideration.