Why Is This Doghnut Fresher Than All Other Donuts?


Because it came from a kosher Dunkin Donuts. Kosher Dunkin Donuts? Who knew??

Skokie Illinois is home to a sizable Jewish population. At it’s peak in the mid-1960’s, 58% of Skokie’s residents were Jewish (thanks Wikipedia!). Skokie hosts a large number of synagogues and Jewish schools, with many neighborhoods in proximity for families to walk to services together. And so, perhaps not surprisingly (although I was still surprised), the Dunkin Donuts located at 3900 Dempster Street in Skokie keeps kosher. As such, they serve only vegetarian meat-substitute in their breakfast sandwiches, no pork or other meat items. And they have the…Freshest. Donuts. Ever. I’m not sure if there is any correlation between the kosher status and the freshness of the donuts. Perhaps the additional care and oversight of the menu items? Whatever the case, these donuts are so fresh, that they truly do not taste like the same thing you’ve had elsewhere. AND if you can get there in the morning before they sell out, they offer Apple Fritters. Not those trying-to-be-jelly-donuts-but-with-apple-pie-filling donuts. Real Apple Fritters. So! Drop what you’re doing & head to Skokie for a soft, fresh, perfect doughnut. You can finish reading this blog later.

Are you back?

The moral of my Donut Story is this… Even if your business or product has an attribute/component/aspect that you think is primarily appealing to a particular type of person, don’t let that narrow your customer base.  Expose and educate your potential audience to enlighten them as to why your way or your widget is worth trying!

In a former lifetime, I was part owner of a BBQ restaurant. We specialized in Soul Food. We branded it as Southern Comfort Food so as not to intimidate the white folks (fyi…I’m a white folk, so I can say that). Black people know that “Southern Comfort Food” is code for Soul Food, so there was no worry of losing that audience. And most black people and southern people would agree that this same traditional cuisine has a deep history of being prepared and enjoyed by both groups. But we wanted to introduce this food to the masses, confident that most everyone would enjoy it.

So, the point is, if you have a specialized product or service that you believe could/should be enjoyed by everyone, go for it! Find a way to enlighten and delight-en your potential customer base. They’ll thank you for it, become repeat customers, tell their friends and you will find that you can expand your reach without losing your core customers.

(Now I’m going to go grab another donut…)