Free Idea Friday: The Splurge


Seeing the Purge, a movie-turned-franchise about all crime being legal for 24 hours, inspired a similar, albeit less violent, idea that I believe could actually benefit society.

This idea I have dubbed the Splurge, goes as follows: For one day, every five years or so, the 99% was given the opportunity to be in the 1%. This would be achieved through a bank transaction triggered at midnight, granting  an extraordinarily large sum of money (let’s say $1 Million, as an example) to the designated splurgers.

Those granted this million then have 24 hours to spend all or as much of it as possible. You can fund your next start up or pay off the debts of your old one, but no matter what you do with the money, you CANNOT save any of it. Any remaining “Splurge Dollars” will be taken back.

The idea is to boost the morale of the 99% by giving them a taste of the good life while also cycling money right back into the economy.

Obviously, there would have to be regulations put in place. You’d need all of your receipts so you don’t purchase anything illegal or dangerous. Splurge dates would be assigned individually. I imagine the money would come from some type of tax paid by those who register to splurge, similar to how paying life insurance works.

The Splurge can be used as a motivator to keep working to achieve a higher lifestyle or a reminder that money really isn’t everything. I know they say money can’t buy happiness but there are some things you can’t know for sure without seeing for yourself. 

Being able to look past material possession would really save us “less-endowed” folks a lot of time. So what would you spend on your Splurge Day? Hopefully, not marketing. Black Rhino fits every budget.