Is Amazon the new North Pole?


Let me just start off by saying this: I freaking LOVE Amazon. So I may come off a tad biased in this article. 

I have completed the entirety of my Christmas shopping at home, from my PHONE. So, what do I need Santa for anymore? He takes all year to get me what I want. That’s a bad deal. All jokes aside, when it comes to the battle of in-person vs online shopping, online shopping seems to win the holiday season.

I’m not alone of course. My family and friends are also PRIME examples of pro-online shoppers. Some of them simply use Alexa to shop without ever even lifting a finger. There is no feeling quite like coming home to a brown package waiting just for you. I don’t think it will ever get old for me.

Objectively speaking, being able to obtain exactly what you need/want without have to leave your toilet is better than going to multiple stores before settling for the best thing you can find. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Amazon drones of Christmas future were to drop our packages right down our chimneys! But this is all to say that no matter how you acquire them, the holidays are not about giving gifts. The holidays are about getting gifts.

Have a Happy Holidays from Black Rhino!