4 Reasons Why Google+ Never Took Off


So, Google recently announced that they will be shutting down Google+. There statement goes as follows:

“To give people a full opportunity to transition, we will implement this wind-down over a 10-month period, slated for completion by the end of next August. Over the coming months, we will provide consumers with additional information, including ways they can download and migrate their data.”

Interesting though that may be, one could argue that this fate has been inevitable since day one. Here are four reasons why Google+ couldn’t figure it out.

1| Poor Timing

This, to me, was the main obstacle Google+ faced. From the very beginning it was an uphill battle against Facebook. Despite numerous attempts, such as data transfers and app-linking incentives, no one was really willing to fully migrate from the social media titan that is Facebook.

2| No Niche

Twitter has tweets. Instagram has photo-sharing. LinkedIn connects businesses. What I’m saying is, every social media site serves a purpose that allows you to uniquely connect and share with others. The developers of Google+ could not find a unique social experience, that would appeal to a large audience. In fact, what makes them most unique is exactly what brings me to my next point.

3| User Error

The thing is, everyone technically uses Google+ everyday. This is because you have to log into your Google+ account every time you sign into Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and the rest of Google’s apps. So while we were utilizing some aspects of it, no one was touching the social media part.

4| Too Far Behind

In a sense, Google+ could never really catch up to any of the other social media platforms. Going in with a competitive disadvantage is never a good thing.

Simply put, Google+ spent too much time innovating the product and not enough time on development from audience listening.

So long, G+. Say hi to Myspace and Friendster for me!