The Power of Logos

JANUARY 11, 2019

What’s in a logo? It’s more than just an image for customers to recognize your products. One could argue that your logo symbolizes your brand as a whole. It’s the feeling you get when you drive by a golden M. It’s what separates you from competition and connects you to your audience. In short, your logo is the core of your brand identity.

An effective logo can create a unique and distinguishing persona that communicates your brand identity while also establishing a trusting relationship with them. In many cases, your logo will be the first impression of your audience. We all tend to judge a book by its cover from time to time and that applies here too. Think of your logo as the book cover of your business.

Another strength in having a good logo is that it triggers a positive recollection about your product or service into your customers. Logos comprised of plain text, lack the emotion and impression that gives customers something to connect to. Colors, imagery, and clever use of design are some of the things you will likely find in a quality logo.

As your company grows, your logo will also become more familiar and trusted. Consumers will chooses your product before competitors, simply by seeing your logo because they already know they’re purchasing a reliable product or service.

Don’t believe me? Might be a sign that your branding needs work! If so, you might want to reach out to us, we know a thing or two about brand identity.

Until then, what’s your favorite logo? Personally, I love the FedEx logo. I just can’t get over that arrow.