Advertising in the Animal World

Generally speaking, birds and animals advertise for an opportunity to pass on their genetic attributes. Similarly, businesses advertise to make that dollar-dollar-bill-y’all. Both animals and businesses seek to find some way to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack…so to speak.

Some animals want to highlight their physical attributes while others (I’m looking at YOU Bower Bird!) want to show off what an elaborately decorated home they can provide to their mate. The Red Hill Crane does mesmerizing dance to appeal to just the right dance partner. While the Blue Footed Booby (Yep, that’s a thing!) shows off their sexy blue feet to impress the ladies.

Bowerbird Nest (Photo credit: Tim Laman /


Red Crowned Cranes (Photo credit: Evan Pike /


Blue Footed Booby (Photo credit:

All of these birds, as well as the gorilla with the most silver back, the buck with the biggest antlers, and the baboon with the reddest backside are trying to impress with what sets them apart from their competitors. Whoever can catch the eye and the attentions of their intended audience, wins.

So it is in business. We all have to identify what it is that we do better than the others, what sets us apart, what makes us special. And then communicate that to the world. Once we identify our core competency or our extra special widget, we then need to find the best ways to market that product or service to our target audience. If you don’t fully market what you have or do, then your business can never fully reach it’s potential. In other words, don’t be the booby who wears socks to the beach.