Are you brave enough for these big ideas?

MAY 20, 2019

Guerrilla Marketing was the brainchild of the late Jay Conrad Levinson, Chicago advertising legend, who published a book about it in 1984.  The concept is still going strong.  Dare I say, it’s still big.


Guerrilla  Marketing tactics use the idea of disruption, interruption and surprise in public places. They make people stop, look, laugh, gasp, perhaps interact and most likely talk about what they saw. The tactics get emotional responses. They create a buzz, sometimes even news. And they’re remembered. So is the product.


That’s a darn big bang for your buck. Which is why Guerrilla Marketing is often perfect for brave and innovative smaller businesses (with brave and innovative marketing partners) who may not have big dollars to make a big impression.  It works especially well if you have a localized business. Yes, it’s for major brands too, and you’ll see a few examples of them here.


I’ll stop using words to describe it and just let you see and react to a few terrific examples from around the world.  They didn’t need any explanation in the real world, so I don’t think they need it here. Go ahead…be brave and bold!