Our Bucket List [Just For Fun]

Our Bucket List [Just For Fun]

Two words. Bucket List.

Our team wanted to share some of our bucket list items that we are dreaming about. As you can see below, our lists are just as diverse as our team! Check out the fun adventures we want to go on and the things we want to accomplish.


Get my PhD - it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to earn my PhD - something I hope to start working on within the next few years.

Publish a book- I love to write and hope to one day actually finish one of the hundreds of manuscripts I’ve started over the years - then somehow accomplish the Herculean task of getting it published.

Skydive- leap from a plane and feel the rush of life. Sounds fun.

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I’ve always wanted to do a hot air balloon ride. I gave it as a gift to my son for his twelfth bday but he saw straight through it… i.e. that it was more for me than him…he got a Nintendo instead.  Ironically, last year, at the age of 27 he rode hot air balloon over the temples in Thailand.  I know I planted the seed!

I’d like to take the Great Books course at NWU.

Travel travel travel.  Anywhere! Especially to my ancestral countries, Denmark and Bohemia. And Machu Pichu.

Swim with the manatees.

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Take a picture in front of the Leaning Tower of Niles and Leaning Tower of Pisa to see if anyone can tell the difference in the photos - I just discovered the Leaning Tower of Niles and am AMAZED.

Attend the Olympics (as a spectator, athleticism is not my calling)

Live out my Lizzie McGuire dreams and toss a coin in the Trevi fountain

Take a spontaneous trip somewhere. You know in the movies how people just walk up at the airport and say I want to go on the next flight wherever it goes, ya I want to do that. Who knows where it could take me?!

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What are your bucket list items? Comment below! As you can see, Emily might need some inspiration to round out her list...

Meet Our New Team Member - Emily Wortman!

Meet Our New Team Member - Emily Wortman!

Black Rhino Marketing Group is excited to welcome a new member to the crash (a group of rhinos – don’t worry, Emily didn’t know that either)! We asked her only the most important questions and you’ll find her sometimes funny responses below. Meet Emily Wortman!

What is your background?

I grew up in central/southern Illinois in a fairly small town called Effingham. Growing up, I knew that I wanted to do something in the business world – no one could ever pass up my 25 cent cups of lemonade at my mom’s garage sales (ok I wouldn’t let them through without a purchase, sorry mom you may have lost a few customers).

Recently, I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (I-L-L baby). I studied Marketing and Finance in the Gies College of Business. During my time as a student, I completed internships in strategy, marketing, and accounting. While Black Rhino is my first “big girl job”, I’m excited to be surrounded by experienced professionals so I can continue to learn everyday.

What will you be doing for Black Rhino?

A plethora of things! Since Black Rhino is both marketing and financial services, I get to see it all. Specifically for Black Rhino Marketing Group, I will be the project manager for current and upcoming projects. I also do things involving research, writing, social media posting, and blogging among others! One might see me as the jack of all trades :P

Why did you want to join the Black Rhino team?

Black Rhino offers a lot of opportunities to learn about a lot of different things. They are involved in multiple industries and allow me to take on a lot of responsibility very quickly. I get to work directly with clients which is what I love to do. Overall, it’s a cool place with a lot of unique opportunities.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Since I just moved to the city of Chicago, I like to see all the restaurants and things to do in my area. I have always loved to bake and cook, so I take any excuse to make something sweet. I’m also a huge Gilmore Girls fan – I’ve seen it too many times, but also can you actually watch it too many times? I’m trying to get into reading books but catch up with me later to see if I pick that up. All good book suggestions are welcome!

What’s your go-to fun fact?

I know how to drive a manual car (aka stick shift). I think that’s fun!

What are you most looking forward to at Black Rhino?

I’m looking forward to really digging in to help clients on their marketing strategies. Each organization has something that makes them unique and finding out what that is excites me. I want to help clients reach their full potential in their businesses. A client succeeding with material I helped to provide is what I’m most looking forward to!

Your Competitors – Friend or Foe? The Right Answer Can Help Your Business Grow

How do you view your competitors? For most people in business, whether they are running a company or simply working in one, the answer is easy. They view their competitors as the ones with whom they are in battle against in the fight to win customers, clients, and market share. And while they may not view them in terms as harsh as being a foe or an enemy, many would certainly not view them as “friends” either though. However, it may serve business people well to re-think how they view their competitors, and maybe think of them as friends. Friends who can be a major source of leads and friends who can actually help them grow their businesses.

Here’s why. Rarely do two or more businesses compete with one another in every specific facet and on every single level of their respective businesses. Within each business there are distinct nuances that make that business ever so slightly unique from any other that it competes with, whether it is something specifically about their product, how they deliver a particular service, or possibly where and when they are able to deliver that product or service. As marketers we know there is always something that makes a business one-of-a-kind in some small way, and of course it’s our job to identify that something and make it meaningful and compelling enough that people are willing to spend money to get it. But for the companies themselves, when that unique differentiator is identified, it opens a door through which referral opportunities between competing companies or business can truly exist – but only if only those companies recognize that opportunity and are savvy enough to also recognize the benefits that opportunity can provide.

It’s Summertime and many people are attending nice outdoor parties, events and get togethers. So let’s say, for example, there are two companies, Company A and Company B that are each in the catering business. Both have comparable prices, menu items, service areas, etc. And let’s say that catering company A gets the call to cater an event the 3rd Saturday in August, but is completely booked that day and cannot take on that order. If catering company A views their competitors as more as friends rather than foes, they will recognize the value of referring the people who are seeking a caterer to company B.

If these types or What happens

Of course, making these types of referrals are a 2-way street, but if these types of friendly competitor-relationships can be developed, it’s not a bad street to have your business “located” on. But when these types of relationships are developed, over time something interesting happens.

1. Company A will start to be on the receiving end of referrals from Company B.
2. The people the Company A refers will think very highly of company A. for making the referral, which can result in very good will being created at large.

Plus, any business that is referred back to Company A. will be more likely to land because the mindset will be “If their competitor recommends them, they must really be pretty good.” All of this coming as a result of viewing competitors as friends and not foes.

Although they may not think of themselves viewing their competition as “friends”, to be sure. there are many companies and businesses that routinely refer any business that they can’t service to a trusted competitor. The point here, is to maybe consider developing more of those relationships and start reaping and enjoying the benefits in greater measure.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

We hope everyone has a safe and fun Independence Day! We don't know about you, but we are spending the day eating popsicles with our dogs and watching fireworks (without out dogs, they get scared). Happy 4th from Black Rhino Marketing Group!