Amazon Reviews - Necessary?

Amazon Reviews - Necessary?

But actually, yes. Reviews of your product on Amazon (or any other website your product is on) are essential in today’s world of online shopping. A large majority of the population does at least some of their shopping online. Have you heard of the retail apocalypse? While it may not be entirely true that shopping malls are dead (per real estate developers still developing brick-and-mortar stores and even Amazon using brick-and-mortar), there is a surge in purchasing products online. Nearly 70% of Americans have purchased something online at some point (NPR/Marist). Also, if your product is not on Amazon, you should get it there. Amazon claimed over 50% of online traffic sales in 2018 according to Business Insider.

So what drives purchase decisions for this large majority of consumers shopping online? You can’t physically see the product you are buying to see if there are rips and tears. You can’t sniff it to see if there’s a weird odor that will make people think you have BO all day when you really don’t. You can’t try on that pair of jeans that look so great for the price. So how do people know what they want? Easy, REVIEWS!

Take for example my recent online shopping experience for a phone charger (and yes, I could have walked into a store less than a mile from me and picked one out, but THIS one shows up to my doorstep in just 1 day!) Without any hesitation, I typed in “AMA…” and Google auto-filled Amazon for me (no I don’t have an Amazon shopping problem). Within one minute of being on the site, I had thousands of options for a phone charger – should I get the pink one? The 5 pack? The cheapest one? How should I pick? *Hint – reviews!

As a recent college grad, I normally choose the cheapest thing I can find. However, I also want something that will last me more than 3 weeks, especially with phone chargers. So who can I trust to steer me in the right direction? Of course, random strangers leaving reviews – for real though.

While it may seem unheard of to trust strangers on the internet, 4.5 stars are what made me buy the 3-pack of 6-foot phone chargers for $8.97 instead of the 5-pack of assorted sizes for $11.99 with 1.4 stars. Ya the latter is the better “deal” for the price, but 1.4 stars is a deal breaker.

Bottom line, I trust people’s reviews. Other people trust people’s reviews. You NEED reviews to build trust with consumers. People are more likely to leave negative reviews than positive, so those positive reviews are key! You don’t get that face-to-face comradery with online shopping like you do in brick-and-mortar stores. Reviews DO influence the purchasing decisions of consumers. I would *almost* never purchase something with no reviews – I don’t want to be the guinea pig.

So ICYMI, reviews on your products (especially on Amazon) are necessary. Also, do your part and leave reviews on products you like (or don’t like). We can all trust strangers together!


  • Amazon claimed over 50% of online traffic sales in 2018 (Business Insider)
  • Reviews are necessary and do matter!
  • People trust strangers on the internet who leave good and bad reviews
  • BONUS: Here is a short list of what NOT to do to get Amazon reviews